February 12, 2023

Some more skirmishers

I've finished another small unit of skirmishing missile troops. As before, these are designed to be used as Germans or Swiss. Most of them feature 'kettle hats' in various Germanic forms.

They are a mix of some old miniatures painted years ago, a blend of Perry metals and plastics, with a few new ones added. Three of them are also 3D prints from the soon-to-be-released Warsteel Miniatures range, which at the time of writing is currently running as a kickstarter campaign. I was kindly sent a few samples to try out.

They scale well with Perry, as the picture below should demonstrate. Note that they don't come with integral bases, so I've glued them to 2mm Renedra bases first to compensate, and then these themselves are stuck to the unit bases.

Overall they are quite thin and delicate, especially the handguns, crossbows and feathers. They come with separate heads, which are very nice - one of the Perry figures here has also been given a new Warsteel head (the crossbowman with green sleeves). It's interesting to compare that particular head (a kettle hat with a scarf and feather) to a similar Perry one worn by the crossbowmen in the middle - the 3D prints allow for much finer details. The rim of the helmet is much sharper, the scarf is narrower, and the feathers are more delicate. This isn't better or worse in my view, just different! But they mix in just fine, and I will definitely be using a lot of these very useful heads extensively for upcoming units.

I now have three units of ten skirmishers each for the Burgundian/Hapsburg side, which is more than enough.


  1. Very nice, and 10 units of skirmishers is likely more than enough.. Of course, they can probably be used in a variety of different armies over a period of 50 -100 years