February 18, 2023

A humble wagon

A change of pace now - here's a wagon. [edit - ok, I suppose it's not a wagon but a cart!]

I really enjoyed painting this. I've painted several of the Perry wagons in the past to make some 'wagon fort' bases, and found it a real hassle to be handling them as I paint them before they're glued down to the base. This is the first time I've done one complete with horse and handler, and decided I would just glue it all together on the base first and paint it as one piece. Definitely the way to go - any awkward-to-reach areas like the underside of the wagon aren't going to be seen anyway! Only the baggage I did separately and then glued on afterwards.

I've put off painting wagons for years, as it seems time spent on them is time that could be spent building up new units, which are of course always a priority. But now I've got enough completed units under my belt I'm going to spend some time on wagons of various sorts, which I see as terrain pieces for specific scenarios. Though this one is just more more or less put together straight from the box, I've got some plans for others to include limbered artillery, enough to form a whole baggage and artillery train, for various ambush and 'capture the guns' type scenarios. More on that in future posts!


  1. Superb, must paint up mine!

    Loving your work on your blog, just started following


  2. Looks great. Where is the baggage from? Is some of it Front Rank?

    1. Hi John, yes some of it is Front Rank, and some from another company, I forget which one though.... (the barrels)

  3. Wagons are always useful, whether as table dressing, objectives, or supply!