December 22, 2022

More works in progress

Just an update before Christmas - the French heavy infantry are nearing completion. The plan is probably to have them in two units of thirty, and I've started the last little batch to bring it up to that number. As I said before, I haven't yet decided how they will be grouped - it might be one 'lighter' and one 'heavier' unit, or they both might be the same mix of lightly and heavily armoured figures.

Here's a few I'm rather pleased with.

The next three are all converted, to try and get more of the metal figures with weapons angled lower wearing livery jackets. The one on the left has had a new mail shirt and jacket sculpted over his original doublet. The two on the right were originally in poses with weapons shouldered - the new poses are achieved through some replacing their hands and turning their heads to the side.

The next two are from the small Venexia Miniatures range, which to be honest is a bit of a mixed bag. There is one body though that is very useful as a well-armoured infantryman, here are two variants of it with plastic Perry heads. There are a few flaws in the casting, but they can be hidden by careful placement in the unit.

The next three men-at-arms are all from Athena Miniatures, though their polearms are from a variety of different sources.

And finally three plastic Perry men-at-arms, though each of them has a small conversion of some sort. The one on the left had a torso-swap, to get a jacketed body paired with some different legs.

The unit(s) will hopefully be finished sometime around early January!

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